Sizzling BBQs

Spice – a curry lunch (or dinner) is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. After eighteen years in the Far East, we have honed our understanding of mixing spices and making curry. We simply love spicy food and are delighted to bring this to you.
A curry selection or buffet will usually work out at around € 15 – € 20/head and will include two or three curries, basmati rice, fresh sambals and Indian flat bread or prawn crackers.

minimum order, all with accompanying dishes,
• three curries, we will prepare for a minimum of 10 people € 17.50 / head
• two curries, we will prepare for a minimum of 8 people € 15 / head
• one curry, we will prepare for a minimum of 6 people approx € 12.50 / head

fresh vegetables marinated and cooked in a mild creamy korma sauce. Perfect as a vegetarian main, or as part of a curry buffet.
Rich, ot, madras style
3. LAMB SAG (medium)
Tender pieces of lamb in aromatic spinach curry
4. BEEF BALTI (hot)
Blast your socks off beef balti
5. THAI GREEN CURRY (med/hot)
Chicken or Salmon & Prawn