Mains, large platters

Mains, bountiful platters to share or beautifully plated.
The main event, the focus of the meal, the most important course and possibly the only one. It needs to be good and we bring your the following suggestions for really fabulous main courses.

These shared dishes are priced at € 12.99 per person including the main dish and one side.
Side dishes – choose from potatoes, couscous or green salad.

Minimum order – 6 per item.

Lightly spiced chicken with almonds and apricots
tender chicken with almonds and apricots in a fresh, lightly spiced mayonaise

Slow roast lamb
with pomegranets in a light mint & lemon dressing

Provencal fish stew, mussels, squid, prawns and fish in a provencal sauce, topped with fresh herbs. Supplenent € 3/p

Moroccan lamb
a rich, complex north African dish, a hint of chilli, sweet dried fruit and spices

Rare roast beef
with your choice of sauce, supplement € 3/p

Slow cooked belly pork
apple glazed

Duck confit
tender duck, falling off the bone, with honey, orange sauce

Teriyaki salmon, served with a mirin sauce and cucumber salad