Delicious desserts

Dessert, cakes & bakes, the perfect sweet ending. Our pastry chef is passionate about all things sweet, especially chocolate. A large cake for the kids to work their way through, or a fabulous cherry frangipane tart to finish off a delicious meal. We can advise and make your choice, but to make it easy, have a look at our selection.

All cakes, tarts and bakes cut into 6 – 8 (sometimes 10or more) generous slices and cost € 27.50

Summer berry pavlova

Apple or pear tarte tatin

Pear, peach, plumb or cherry almond frangipane torte

Raspberry vodka jellies € 3.50 each, minimum order 6

Vanilla, raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake

Double chocolate fudge cake – supplement € 5.00

Cherry tart (when cherries are in season)

Pineapple carpacchio, marinated in vodka and served with pistachio ice cream

Chocolate delice – smooth, rich and very naughty, for real chocoholics, supplement € 5.00